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As a 'world power nation,'  America has become a disgrace of obesity, diabeties, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, heart, lung, and liver disease, and lousy preventative health care, for starters. It's time for Americans to responsibly "Occupy Our Bodies."

"Just because you live in a city where many people are making bad health decisions, doesn't mean you have to," says Chief Medical Offficer Keith Roach." But many residents of America's 50 largest cities aren't making good choices.
Here is how 'Real Age' ranked the top 25 cities where people are aging too fast.
1. Knoxville, Tennessee
This city ranked the worst because of high rates of drinking, smoking, stress, low income, and the least amount of optimism. Says Dr. Roach, "You can be just as healthy in Knoxville as you can in Denver. You just have to work a little harder at it. Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains and shopping at the Market Square Farmer's Market could do wonders."
2. Louisville, Kentucky
The birthplace of KFC is almost the worst city for high cholesterol, with fatty fast-food diets and big intakes of the city's drink of choice: bourbon.  Louisville has some of the highest alcohol rates, and the worst sleep in the 'Real Age' rankings. Skipping Southern fatty fare would make a huge difference. And fewer "bottoms up."
3. Memphis, Tennessee
Residents are stressed by low income and increased crime and take comfort in barbecue. Diabetes rates are high. A lot more dancing would be good.
4. Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
City ranks worst for saying no to fruits and vegetables. It's one of the largest livestock markets in the world where residents fill up on meat (and you 'eat what you eat eats'-- food for thought). The city is third-worst for high cholesterol and hypertension. Some cholesterol-friendly comfort food and more excercise would help.
5. Indianapolis, Indiana
In a city known for the '500,' car racing, football, basketball and other spectator sports and diversions, it ranks 3rd worst for smoking and 5th worst for high-consumption drinking. Dr. Roach says "Get up and move around."
6. Greensboro, North Carolina
Big fried food-intake, low incomes, and stress are a bad combination. But the Greensboro-Winston Salem area is ranked best for managing anger. They know how to keep their cool.
7. Nashville, Tennessee
'Music City' can't sing its praises for health ranking. It scores low notes for smoking and drinking, that may be linked to high stress. Walking would help.
8. Greenville, South Carolina
Its residents have the highest rate of hypertension. Health would benefit from more whole grains and inflammation-fighting fruits and vegetables. And they need a vitamin D boost.
9. Cincinnati, Ohio
 The 'Chili Capital of America' has high rates of smoking and lack of exercise, plus they are stressed to the max.
10. Columbus, Ohio
City ranks near the bottom for lack of excersise and vitamin D. It has bad scores for stress, smoking, inflammation, and drinking. Muggy summers and cold winters aren't a good enough excuse for not finding a gym.
11. Tampa, Florida
Area ranks high on 'oldest' list, with high unemployment, lack of health insurance, low degree of socializing, and poor sleep. But with a fair share of sex in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area they may start taking better care of themselves.
12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
It's identity as a poor economy heightens rates of smoking, stress, and anger. In the city of the "Pittsburgh Salad' there's a high rate of diabetes-- but also, thankfullly,  good rates of insurance coverage.
13. St. Louis Missouri
In the top 10 for hi-cal diets, lack of exercise, and smoking, at least they have the Rams.
14. Grand Rapids, Michigan
Uncontrolled diabetes is aging residents fast. This plus unemployment rates in the Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland area makes this area the 14th 'oldest' in America.
15. Las Vegas, Nevada
'Not Hiring' is the prevalent sign. Too many residents lack jobs, health insurance, and a strong social network (ranking the lowest in the country in these factors). Lack of sleep and unhappy marriages put them in the 'old zone.' But men rank third youngest for sex-- as well as diabetes.
16. New Orleans, Louisiana
City is one of the 'oldest,' thanks to diabetes. Big Easy dwellers have high blood sugars and pressure levels. But their strong social networks are an important asset.
17. Jacksonville, Florida
Poor diets are the most common' ager,' and a high percentage lack any health insurance.
18. Kansas City, Missouri
Besides the usual bad rankings in diet and smoking, alcohol consumption is high in female residents-- plus low ratings in satisfying sex and orgasms. Where's that pill?
19. Detroit, Michigan
Downsizing work force over many years accounts for high stress levels, which is 'aging' the Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint area. Also high diabetes, smoking, anger, and shaky marriages and relationships.
20. Rochester, New York
Kodak's bankruptcy doesn't help stress levels. Residents rank worst in the nation for managing stress and for high c-reactive protein leading to inflammations that threaten the heart, brain, and arteries. Men rank high on anger; women on unsatisfying sex. But there is a good amount of health insurance.
21. Charlotte, North Carolina
Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill is mong the top ten worst places for uncontrolled diabetes, falls among the elderly, and too few orgasms. But they rank among the best for sleep.
22. Cleveland-Akron, Ohio
Heavy smoking landed this city among the 'oldest.' It might have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but is lacking good social networks. On the good side, it gets high marks for both sleep and low c-reactive protein (CRP)
23. Norfolk, Virginia
It has the world's largest naval base-- but also high rates for uncontrolled diabetes. High alcohol consumption, poor sleep, and not enough social connections leave the people of Norfolk-VirginiaBeach-Newport News in the 'fast-aging' category.
24. Buffalo, New York
Buffalo wings, anyone? High cholesterol levels put the Buffalo-Niagara Falsl area on the 'aging list.' But they ranked 5th youngest in employment, health insurance, and alcohol consumption.
25. San Antonio, Texas
Historically one of the oldest cities in the American West-- the same goes for health-- especially stress and falls among the elderly.  Men are rated high on alcohol consumption. Yes, they're aging too fast.

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